The Armis tent structure is unique in the luxury tent market in South Africa because it is a modular system where all parts are pre-manufacture in a controlled environment where extra care is taken on the workmanship. The modular system allows you to choose the size of your deck and to add extras to your tents even on a later stage when you are ready to upgrade.


The structure is a semi-permanent installation which allows us to build it as strong as nails but which can be relocated if necessary. All our steel parts are hot dipped galvanized that makes it extremely weather proof with a good-looking finish. This is tested in all kinds of weather and will handle most weather conditions with ease.(Note – Not tested yet in heavy snow conditions)


The tropical roof (top roof) is made of an extremely strong shade cloth that is 100% waterproof with an 80% shade factor to keep the heat away from your tent roof plus a 92% UV Block factor to make it last longer in the harsh African sun. The replacement of the tropical roof is also relatively cheap and easy to replace. The tent is made of a heavy duty Riptech canvas which gives the tent extra durability and strength. Different colours are available to fit your style and environment.


For the decking, we normally use Saligna hardwood decking that can be stained and then sealed with marine grade sealer that makes it suitable for near coast installations and minimizes the maintenance. Different options available.


Installation is quick and easy with little to none site preparation needed on your site. This means that you can quickly turn your investment into profit.