Armis Tents is a 5-star luxury Glamping tent that is erected as a semi-permanent structure and is ideal for the resort, lodge and game farm owners who are focused on tourism that will benefit from large-scale development.

The design is modern and glamorous but blends in perfectly with the environment.

Our tent is a durable and sturdy product and is manufactured of the best quality material available on the market. This structure and material will ensure you of a long-life expectancy on your tent. It proved to withstand extreme windy conditions, is 100% waterproof and have an impressive UV resistance.

We use a modular system on all the components and all parts are pre- fabricated under controlled conditions to ensure installation is quick and easy.

No building plans are required and we can finish the construction of the tent within a short time so your return on your investment could be instantly.

With little or no site preparation the Armis Tent is eco friendly with no harm done to the environment when erected.