A dream after visiting the outback in Australia . . .

Armis Tents started as a dream after visiting the Australian outback. After 8 years as a manufacturer of off-road camping trailers with great success with our unique concept, durability and strength, we decided it is now time for the next step to invest in a different need of nature lovers. Not every person is necessarily built for rugged camping but prefer a luxurious stay in the bush, which we call "Glamping"

With a 5-star design and layout, our glamping tents are unique and the first of its kind in South-Africa.

Armis Tents is based in Pretoria, South Africa, This unique concept, and solid design will be an excellent investment for any home, lodge and resort owner. This outstanding product is cost effective with a fast return on investment. This idea of luxury tents (Glamping tents) has become popular worldwide and is quickly replacing conventional, old-school accommodation. With low building cost, quick installation and an eco friendly footprint, this is the future of resort development.

We can certainly cater to each client's needs as we are a passionate team that will work with you through the planning of your dream layout and development.

This dream design of Armis Tents is a very versatile design that can be customized to any client's need and dream layout. We can work on any size project from an entire resort development to a few small-scale tents, and our professional team will advise you and also handle the design and installation of your project.